Development of Cryptocurrency – A Sudden yet a Slow Progress


The establishment of cryptocurrency a decade ago thing, but to go through the app and its working, it’s often said that one must look at its history to make predictions on whether more enormous profits can or cannot be made from the games. A company named Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin in 2009, but it wasn’t indeed the first introduction of cryptocurrency that the world has seen.  This company was a group of anonymous groups of programs and techies, and they worked hard to make all this introduction a lucrative and successful plan.

There were indeed numerous companies in the 90s planning to create a digital currency. Multiple attempts were made, but every company had its reason why their plan couldn’t be successful and ended up being a big failure. The digital currencies made were owned by a third party and made many people start crypto gambling to earn huge profits. That usually meant that a third party is responsible for verifying the particular money earned by them and was also accountable to commence all the transactions.

Series of Events to Establish Crypto Gambling

2009- The Birth of Bitcoin

The key that turned all the failures into a success for Satoshi Nakamoto was that they designed the currency in such a way that no third-party trust was involved and there was no central power.

2009- Noticed in Public

After a year of planned publish of the bitcoin, it became famous, which also led to the establishment and usage of the block-chain technology.

2010-11 Baby Steps Ahead

The first use of bitcoin was for buying two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. As there has never been an accurate value of bitcoin, it keeps changing, and thus, was recorded as the first transaction in the history of bitcoins. In 2011, companies designed altcoins that commonly mean an alternative to bitcoins, which has some modifications.

2014 – Rise in Criminal Activities

The criminal associations were as fast as the lightning speed of thunder to realize that absence of any central and concentrated power is an excellent opportunity for them to run an illegal scamming of the currency being used known as bitcoins. One of the biggest bitcoin exchanges went offline In January 2014. This almost took away more than million-dollar out of the pockets of actual owners of the money and investors. People still have a blurred image of the actual events that happened during this scam, but all everyone could remember was that a considerable amount of money was unaccountable

2017-18 – Crypto Gambling Continues  

Gambling online continued with a better version of security.  The value of bitcoins increased from $1,000 to $10,000. A sudden incline followed and became $16,000 per bitcoin. After some time, it fell back to $10,000 at the end of 2017. In 2018, the value fell less than $10,000 per bitcoin for the first time, and then it’s just above peak now that it concludes that online crypto gambling does come with variations.

End lines

However, the value of the currencies used in online gambling keeps changing. The analysis of the history of any game before being played is necessary, but playing cryptocurrency gambling games require savvy skill in business strategies and patience, which is again not everyone’s cup of tea. However, crypto gambling is very secure with all the current modifications and very user friendly if one is interested in playing either for entertainment or making money to invest or earn a living.

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