Online Sports Betting – Different Types Of Betting Lines


Many online sports betting sites are prevailing in the market among players. New players entering this field read reviews and check the RTP of the website or application. Many players choose a betting platform with high RTP (Return To Player) because these sites give the best and most fantastic features. You don’t have to travel to places searching for casinos or betting places. Under one umbrella, you can get everything you need while betting.

People can play according to them; for example, they can participate in leagues or tournaments and play alone. If you are new to the mybookie website, apply a promo code like the Mybookie promo code to avail yourself of all the features. These games mold according to your convenience. No time management is needed to play online sports betting.

Moneyline bets

The most common and easier way to bet is on money lines. Strategy and smartness can both be used while betting with this method. The simplest yet tricky way of betting is Moneyline. Players must pick a match winner and see the odds on each side. After choosing the outcomes of odds in favor, place a bet. Two other types of Moneyline are –

  • Three-way Moneyline –

Many sports are for 90 minutes and can end with a tie or a draw. So, it is suggested to bet by three-way Moneyline. In this, players have three options to bet on – favorites, underdogs, and draw. If you place a bet on a draw and the result comes in your favor, it will be a win-win situation for you.

  • Two-way Moneyline –

A two-way money line bet cannot be profitable if a match draws. In this, you can’t place a bet on a draw or tie; only two options are given for betting. Two-way Moneyline betting is used by the players in a match where it is mandatory to announce a winner. Then everyone can make a profit through this type of betting without regression.

Spreads betting

This is similar to the point spread and handicap betting method. However, players bet on the winning margin of the match, not on the match’s final result. The betting includes two teams, the favorite (winning team) and the underdog (losing team). A plus sign (+) is in front of the underdog team, and a negative sign (-) is in front of the favorite team, which indicates the result.

Parlay bets

The player can bet on multiple bets in parlay bets. But there is a risk factor: if you lose one bet, you will lose all. So, think wisely and carefully before placing a bet. You can a hefty amount as well as lose a hefty amount within no time.


Always check the match market on different sportsbooks, so you don’t lose much money. By taking the idea from various sportsbooks, you can compare the odds told by them and then place a bet. Usually, tipsters give the idea of the outcome of winning odds to the people for free, and it is published in the sportsbook. Online sports betting is a very interesting and amazing platform used by everyone who bets. High technology is making gambling platforms beyond our imagination and thinking.

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